A Note to Our Customers

As we all know, since the pandemic all our lives have changed. As it relates to the food industry, food prices are up and the pool of restaurant workers is at an all time low. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of eateries are competing to hire from a small group of available staff. 

This shortage has resulted in longer wait times to be served, the inability to take the time to train new staff, we normally would take. It results in frustration not just for management, but customers as well. When we receive negative feedback, we realize almost every restaurant in America is going through the same thing.

But, this is where you can help. Please be our eyes and ears. If you know of anyone in your life that has food industry skills, please have them contact us . The workers we need and want are out there. But our ability to pinpoint who they are is clouded by the fact our competitors want them too. 

We are known for quality food and service. So when either one starts to decline, we MUST fix it. After all our name and reputation is on the line. So please as you go about your daily lives whether at work, school, church or play....spread the word our restaurants are hiring.

Lastly, keep the feedback coming. Good or bad we value your input. We know we can't please everyone (especially under the restraints the current crisis affecting the food industry) however we will continue to try.

Thank you all,

Ms. Belinda

Director of Corporate Communications